Get Quality Consulting Service

Stop the daily routine of break/fix support!

Budget Planning

Planning for the next year is the best way to help eliminate unexpected expenditures.


Protect your business by making sure you're compliant with various policies and laws.

IT Consulting

Break/fix support is important but guidance can help stop that from being your daily routine.


We believe that routine maintenance helps keep the disasters away.


Slow computer or network performance can cost you money in labor and sales.

Security Auditing

Protecting your business from hackers and viruses can help keep you in business.

At Tier5 Technical Services, no job is too big or too small. Whatever your technological need is, we can help. Here are just some of the things we can help with: Cloud Services, Servers, Workstations, Phone Systems, Routers, Wireless, Camera Systems and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes you different?

    There are several differences between us and our competitors. However, here's a few that we can highlight:

    Phone Systems: We directly sell and support Phone Systems. Most of our competitors claim they sell and support Phone Systems, however they simply outsource this work to others.

    Proven Technology: We aim to bring technology used heavily in the Fortune 500 list of companies to Small Businesses. Our competitors often find a specific product that's high margin and push for you to adopt all of their choices.

    We assign two experienced techs to your account and they will be who services your account every time. Our competitors claim years of experience but use inexperienced techs to send as first responders in order to meet their required response times.

  • What if we have an IT staff?

    We work with companies who already have an IT Staff all the time! The general term for this is "Co-Managed" IT Services. We can take care of as much or as little of your environment as you'd like. This can include supporting your IT staff in technologies they're not fully familiar with, large projects where you need extra hands or even to fill in for IT staff who may be unavailable for some reason.

  • Do you offer hourly support?

    We offer both contracted and hourly services. However, we focus on contracted services. The reason for this is that we intend to form a partnership with you and take part in making your business successful through application of technology.

    Although it sounds like contracted IT services might be expensive, our Clients find it to be cheaper and more consistent. We charge a flat rate per user, per month to take care of your entire operation. There are also custom flat fee contracts available that can be built to meet exactly what your specific needs are.

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